Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Heaven that is a bookshop!

My mother had a lot to answer for.
When I was growing up the mantra I was taught was, you don't need to feel guilty buying fabric or books, and as my husband can vouch for, that has led to over flowing book shelves and
boxes of fabric stuffed under beds.......
I can see where my mother was coming from, its better to make your own clothes than to buy them and well I think books is self explanatory. 
I just might have got carried away!
But it has led to a life long love of book shops, now I am not going to try and be puritanical, I do use Amazon some times, but often I use it as a search engine and then go and order it in town. 
Because for me, I want to discover books, just seeing the front cover isn't enough, I want to feel it, hold it, stroke it (maybe), and as well as reading the back cover I want to flick through it, see if we would get on.  Bookshops allow me to discover the unexpected, or revisit old friends. 

Take for example, this copy of 'The Wind in the Willow'  I had read it as a child, and when I popped in, it certainly was not what I was looking for, but look at this amazing cover,
both inside and out, its exquisite.
Even better the design is embossed so you can feel all the stitches, and I feel in love and just had to hold it, absorb it and own it.  And re discovered an old favourite in the process.
That couldn't happen on Amazon.

And before you ask, no I am not a Kindle girl, I can see the point of them, but they aren't beautiful and you cant read them in the bath with out risk of electrocution, so thank you but no.
Bookshops for me every time!!!!
A loyal supporter of The Press Shop, Smith Street, Guernsey

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