Sunday, 22 March 2015

Getting ready for summer

Well we were in the Tapestry early this Sunday morning and that can only mean one thing, 
Spring Cleaning!!!
All the tapestries need to be taken out of their cabinets 
And I promise you they are very very heavy

So that Sally, our Textile Conservator, can go over them with a fine tooth comb, checking for dust, damage or any thing unusual.

And while she is doing that we are all hard out work cleaning the cases inside and out

Then the glass is checked over with the torch which shows up any smears we have missed.
Am always amazed at the smears we find inside the cases as they haven't been opened since we last cleaned them, so how on earth did they get there?????

Every panel has a small pot of Silica in a hidden compartment at the bottom which keeps them nice and dry.  And this needs replacing each year.

(really bad photo of the hidden compartment!)

Then the panels are replaced.

 And finally we are on to the 20th century panel and our last

And our reward, hot cross buns, yummy, think we earned it!

Well we open again for the summer season tomorrow at 10am, so look forward to seeing you all.

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