Friday, 18 April 2014

They may be hot and cross, but I was cool and happy!

Its Good Friday and that means hot cross buns!!!!
And last night I decided to make my own, and for such a traditional and religious recipe,
there is only one person to turn to St Delia.
 And so by the time Chris got home the dough was resting for its first rising session.
Then after an hour, they were rolled into 12 (not very even) balls,
and left to rise again, this time over night.

Then this morning just before 7, the oven was on and I made up the mix for the crosses, this time using a recipe from the telegraph last Sunday, rather than Delias plain flour and water. 
This was roughly piped across the buns and in the oven they went.
 15 mins to wait, just enough time to make the sugar glaze and the coffee.  

Ta da!
Must admit to feeling rather proud and smug with my self.......

Its a beautiful but chilly (well it is still April) morning, so wrapped up well, we headed up to the top of the garden to have a very civilised and delicious breakfast in the sun shine.
Though we did both think the crosses were a bit to sweet,
so maybe St Delia was right all along, again!

Right and now off to work.....

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