Wednesday, 2 April 2014

give nettles some love!

A few days late I know, but its been a busy week, its the end of term, the kids are going back to Sark and Chris's birthday this week, so chaos is in control of this house hold!
But on Mothering Sunday we had Chris's parents round for lunch, a traditional roast leg of lamb (yum) followed by a tiramisu (double yummy), but its the starter I wanted to share with you.

Up by the Pepper Pot ( a navigational marker above Fermain Bay) on Saturday,
 we collected a carrier bag full of young nettle shoots.  
Back home I rinsed them well, all the time wearing my marigolds!  So attractive!

The leaves were then pulled from the stems and blanched before being plunged into iced water to keep the gorgeous dark green colour, actually come to think of it its the same colour as my old school uniform......
Oh and its sitting on 'Food for Free' by Richard Mabey, a bible for foraging and where I got this recipe from. A brilliant read and definitely worth getting your hands on.

Then I drained and pureed the leaves, and got on with the soup.
Fry one onion in butter till golden, then add two peeled and chopped potatoes, followed by the puree and cook off for 5 mins.  Then add 2 pints of stock, and cook till the potatoes are soft, then blend if you desire a smooth elegant soup!

Serve with a grating of nutmeg and some Guernsey cream (did you know you cant get Guernsey single cream, it doesn't exist, the milk is so rich, so for us cream is always double)

Served with Chris's bread sticks with walnuts in it.
And my in-laws loved it, it was delicious, I have made it before with autumn nettles, by now its only ever Spring one.  Do try it, its yummy and a great conversation started.
So go on give those nettles some love!!!

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