Sunday, 13 April 2014

Spring time in St Saviours

A day off, and the sun is shining and its beautiful outside. 
So we headed out to the country side for a big walk with our friends dog, Joey.
Getting out into the green lanes is stunning, but for me at the moment,
 its the smell of the cow parsley that just makes me know Spring has definitely arrived.
The Blackthorn or May blossom

Mother-in-laws tongue fern (something to do with its end wiping round......)

And here's what I was looking for, I am working on a little project at the moment
 and so needed photos of our glorious cows.

And of that I will tell you more later!

Really very pleased with this photo

The hedgerows absolutely laden with wild flowers, pink campion, vetch, buttercups, celedines,

native bluebells (not the Spanish ones)

And the last of the elegant violets.
Good bye Winter, I do love a change in season, its so invigorating and refreshing
Hello spring!!!!

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