Sunday, 10 July 2016

such a Guernsey moment

Cobo Bay, sadly not that sunny this morning...
This morning Chris and I were down at Cobo, helping steward the Tower to Tower walk for 'Guernsey Alzheimer's'.

Then just as we were packing up this chap came up to me and said
'I know this is a strange question, but what is your name?'
He didn't seem nuts and had just seen him getting his children into the car, so I said 'Caroline, why?'
'Well I seen you around and I think we were both in the Maternity ward being born at the same time?!!! My name is R****** N*****.'
And I wasn't freaked out cause I remember that name from when I was very very little!  But really how often are you recognized when last seen as a baby or maybe a small toddler!
We passed the time of day, congratulated each other on our 42nd birthday just gone, and went on our way.
But really, where else but Guernsey?????
And I thought the moment in Paris was weird.........

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