Wednesday, 20 July 2016

ma petite crevette gris

It was my birthday at the beginning of the month, and I was lucky enough to celebrate it down in the South of France with my husband, a gorgeous few days of sun, rose, river swimming
and Crevette Gris! (brown shrimps)
I joke to Chris that I am a cheap date, as this is my all time favourite shellfish, maybe even food!
Now you can get them here, but they tend to always be shelled, I could go down to the beach, but the one time I did that, I only caught one, bonded with him, gave him a name and ended up setting him free ( I know, not normal).  So these days crevette gris (with their shell on) is a treat reserved for when we are on holiday in France.  Just like orangina used to be when I was little.
And to top it off, look what my lovely sister gave me for my birthday!

Two stunning Emma Bridgewater plates, one covered in langoustine
and one covered in my crevette gris! Perfect, thank you Serena xxxx


  1. I love Emma Bridgewater's dinner ware...especially her cups. Alas they are VERY expensive to import here. You have a sweet sister. We have Royal Red Shrimp that can only be found at the Gulf of Mexico. They are a pretty red and they taste rather like lobster. So glad you enjoyed your special day. I love reading about life in Guernsey.

  2. so glad you enjoyed it, have never heard of the Royal red, will need to goggle them, the crevette gris, are so sweet, cant really compare them to any other shellfish I can think off. Strangely I am not a huge lobster fan, its these little chaps that do it for me!!!!