Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Vita's Uncle

At the top of Smith Street is the war memorial for the Great War (WW1), 
its a stark reminder of the sacrifice that 
alot of men made for King and Country. 

The man in armor stands tall and proud above
 the lists of names, guarding them for eternity 

but  the other day I happened to pay more attention to the back of the 
monument by the bike park

it was this plaque about the dedication of the monument that peaked my interest

The name of the Governor then is very unique,
 there cant be many with the famous name 

A little bit of googling and turns out there is a very strong link between Guernsey and 
the famous Vita Sackville-West who created the stunning gardens at Sissinghurst.
Well, Vita grew up in the beautiful Knole Park in Sevenoaks 
but she was an only child and with the inheritance laws back then, 
the title and house could not go to the female line.
So her first cousin, son of Sir Charles inherited Knole Park.
Actually just realized it isnt a soldier standing there in armor but St George, just noticed the rather splendid dragon at his feet! 
What a brilliant face!!!!
And a Happy 2016 to everyone.

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