Wednesday, 27 January 2016

it's growing, but I think I still need to double it!

Am typing this in my kitchen, rain hammering down outside, a coffee beside me and the whole house smelling of oranges as marmalade is bubbling away on the hob, it feels very cosy!
And hopefully this time next year I will be even cosier if that is possible, cause as you can see my quilt is growing.
If you remember this time last year I started my quilt in a desperate aim to use up my growing hoard of fabric that was started to invade our house.
Well starting with a super-king for a beginner might not have been the best idea.
 But 10 large squares in, I am really please. 
Think I need two more along the bottom so the whole thing is five squares long and then an extra row of five down each side so it hangs nicely over the side and it will be done!  So another ten to go........