Monday, 10 November 2014

Burt, the little blue baby

I am a stitcher, not a knitter.
I can do rectangles, have a fantastic collection of scarfs and finger-less gloves (a sewn up rectangle!).
So I felt rather brave taking on this little project, a simple project it said.
It was ment to be cream dish cloth cotton, but I had a few balls of a lovely Rowan denim cotton, which fades gently like jeans.
So Burt ended up alittle bigger.
I quite successfully managed to do the body and arms, 
but the instructions on how to knit the heals on the legs, totally foxed me.....
Luckily last Thursday there was a knitting morning at Creaseys in town 
(absolute bargain, advise, coffee and biscuits for £3!)  And the lovely ladies there got me sorted. Thank you.  

Last bit of the pattern was the fingers, but felt they looked a bit spooky, so off they came.
 I settled for the mitten look like the feet.

Final finish, a pair of blue gingham knickers!

Rather pleased with Burt.

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