Sunday, 26 October 2014

I would like to introduce you to.....

...the new addition to our house hold!
'Dauphinois' the antique Parisian dress makers dummy!
Now I would like too just point out that the name Dauphinois was Chris's idea, And I thought it was very fitting for a curvy Parisian lady, I wanted to call her Spud for short, but Chris surprisingly has put his foot down and said that's disrespectful!!!! So its Pomme de terre for short then......

I have been looking for one of these for over ten years, well certainly remember being on the hunt when I lived in Haywards Heath, and then one turns up at my lovely antique shop just down the hill. Perfect and she is adjustable too.

Now the first reason I wanted an old one was that originally I wanted to display what remains of my mothers wedding dress bodice after she dyed it sea green (the dye caused most of the lace and silk to rot) and it now resembles some thing Miss Haversham would have liked.  As do I.
But my Mum was a slight lady and not tall, and so when I tried it on Dauphinois it didn't fit. Sod, Mum was two inches smaller round the waist at 21 years old.

Now why didn't I get those genes?
To make it near enough the right size for dress making for me, 
I have had to expand her to max, and I am not sharing those pictures!!!!
Oh and Mum was a good 7 inches smaller than me, I looked like an Amazon standing next to her!

Chris thinks she is also perfect for storing his top hat, now that may look very smart, but was brought for fancy dress when he was Slash from Guns and Roses!
Welcome to the house hold Dauphinois 

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