Friday, 18 July 2014

OK, Hands up, who has heard of Asparagus peas?

Ok, who has heard of Asparagus peas?
Well I certainly hadn't, but when I was choosing veg seed to plant this year, I wanted to stuff that I couldn't get easily in the shops, things like golden beetroots, purple carrots, berlotti beans 
and then I found these funny looking peas the texture of a bean with 
the subtle flavour of asparagus and easy to grow. 
Sold to the women in a lot of blue!
And they are easy to grow, the deep dark red pea flowers 

mature into the strangest shape pea/bean I have ever seen

We steamed them last week with the green beans, but it was for too long and they were soggy but asparagusy!

So today they are going in a pork stir fry

Sorry about the steam!

Delicious, but have gone too far the other way, they need cooking a little bit longer next time, well it is all a bit learning curve isn't it?

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