Thursday, 17 July 2014

For those of you who weren't in Guernsey last Friday!

Was in the Tapestry Gallery last Friday just before 1pm when what sounded like an explosion went off upstairs, the maintenance guys were charging around checking that we were all ok 
(especially worrying as we are a historic building).  
And the general consensus was that it had felt like a sonic boom!
 Like in the old days when Concord flew over head. But what had caused it?
Well alittle later we discovered it had been an earthquake, 
I mean really an EARTHQUAKE, in Guernsey!!!!
Magnitude 4.2! That's the biggest since 12 April 1933 which was 5.2.
And the epi center was just south of Jersey, but don't worry we are all ok,  
And the internet jokes were up and running in minutes!

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