Wednesday, 22 January 2014

stitching ladies

Well I just finished this winters series of WEA classes
'Learning how to design your own embroidery'
Every one had a small frame and either 14 or 18 holes per inch canvas and the brief of using the stitches featured in the Guernsey Tapestry, and then with some guidance from yours truly, we started experimenting with different designs patterns and ideas.
and it really was amazing to see how different every ones pieces turned out, from beautifully geometric
to beach hut realism.

Some used local buildings as their inspiration

others took their ideas from from paintings.

Some started with a basic shape and then evolved from there, 
and personally I think the 
end result looks rather Mexican.

Its been a great way to spend Wednesday mornings,
 coffee, piles of beautiful yarn
 and lots of lovely ladies to chat to.

Right so now I have to start thinking about what to do for next years course, 
and have a few ideas bubbling away.....

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