Sunday, 19 January 2014

Spring cleaning Petit Port

Last night I saw a call out on Face Book for volunteers to go down and help clean up the beautiful beach of Petit Port.  As we all know we have been battered by some pretty horrid storms this winter, and for us alot were Southerlies which meant that the flotsam and jetsam in the ocean was 
been washed into this south coast beach.
So waking to a sunny Sunday, thats where Imogen and I headed.  It really is amazing what gets washed into the ocean, Immie found a tooth brush and a high heal from a stiletto, for me it was just a lot of rope, nets, bits of plastic and a lot of the remembers of bags that you grow oysters in.  All rather sad really. 

But what makes cleaning this beach a challenge is the 265 steps down and
 the fact all the rubbish has to go back up the same way!!!

 no rock was left unturned!

After one and a half hours we were knackered, my back hurt and we we getting cold, so Immie had a paddle and I went and pleaded patheticness to Jan!

So we grabbed a rubbish sack each and with a deep breath headed back up the 265 steps, and what a surprise Immie beat me....

 Stopping for a breather it was great to look back on the bay and see what a difference we had made.  Its one of my favourites, but I dont brave those steps as much as I did when I was a kid, maybe that should be another New Years resolution?
Imogen waiting for me at the top with the rubbish carried up so far, and we think there was the same again to come up......

Think we all need to stop letting rubbish getting dumped at sea.

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