Friday, 16 June 2017

Horse shoe

I went down to the bathing pools for an early swim yesterday,
the water is warmer than average for this time of year, so it was lovely just
floating, swimming and chatting, so peaceful.

Then as I was heading to work, I thought I would show you the newly refurbished Horse shoe pool.
It was badly damaged in the storms of 2014
and recently through a lot of hard volunteer work has re-opened.

It is the secret pool out of the four Victorian Bathing Pools,
as you approach all you can see are the steps above,
you round the corner and you find this magical man made pool,
a marvel of Victorian engineering and craftsmanship.
It is the only one of the pools that is open to the sea so is very popular with
divers, kayakers, paddle boarders etc.  Its also Chris's favourite at the moment!

There is a lovely little shelter at the top with beautiful granite pillar supports, quite a lot of the machinery from the repairs are still there, I am sure it wont be for long.

The job isn't quite finished,
you can still see how they are underpinning the steps to strengthen them from tide and waves.

I like it when an artist signs his work, well deserved.
Not sure that this was one of the craftsmen?
I would have lovely to see the moment that this seagull accidently walked across wet cement!
The look on its face!!!!

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