Thursday, 8 September 2016

cant beat a Guernsey sunset!

Beautiful day yesterday, so after work Chris and I headed down to the west coast to enjoy the sunset.  Tide was too low for a swim,
but we found a peaceful spot over looking Lihou Island to enjoy our picnic
 Chris doesn't take the easy option with a picnic,
oh no we had mussels steamed in onions, garlic and Breton Cider.
Absolutely delicious!

And as he had decided to drive I could finish the Breton Cider my self!
Ok, we forgot the glasses, so I had to drink from a bowl, but that felt very Breton, though it was plastic not one of those classy china cider bowls...... 

Then the entertainment started.

Not a bad sunset at all xxx


  1. What a beautiful evening Caro. We are off for the beach on Saturday. it is a 7 hour drive for us but we look forward to the good sea food and beautiful sunsets.

    1. wow, seven hours that's huge! In Guernsey we complain about a 30 min drive!!!

  2. Pretty good. Check out the sunrise on my comment icon.

  3. Not a bad sunset! Where is that?😁