Saturday, 27 August 2016

beautiful, beautiful book....

Last winter I was in our beautiful library and I cam across this beautiful book.
Its a ships log of a voyage up from the Chausey Islands
(down by St Malo - the only French Channel Islands) up through our archipelago.

The artist is Jean-Loup Eve and the author/skipper is Gilberet Hurel who is from Chausey.
It is a stunning book, very very strokable.   

The water colour sketches of St Peter Port are some of the best I have seen.

And he definitely captures the atmosphere of Sark, its piece and tranquility.

In contrast to some of the seas we get round here!

I am sorry to say but I WANTED IT!

But this gorgeous book played hard to get, it wasn't in any of my local bookshops, or on their data bases, it wasn't on, had only the French version.
On a closer look through the book I found the publisher,
it turns out that these chaps self publish, and have a lovely small series of these books set round Brittany.  And you could order them on-line.......but not the English edition....

So armed with my French dictionary, an email correspondence grew,  turned out they only had a handful of the English ones left, and a few months later, my gorgeous book arrived.
I must say it was so worth the effort.
Lovely strokable book xxx

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