Sunday, 12 April 2015

A lazy sunny Sunday

My husband was being rather energetic this morning!!!!
And here is Guernsey it was a beautiful sunny morning so I felt that I should get out and enjoy it.
And maybe a little walk to sympathize with Chris!!!

Pottered along the west coast past the beautiful Fort Gray or as locals call it the Cup and Saucer.

 Its also the home to the Shipwreck Museum which is definitely worth a visit
Then round Rocquaine towards Portlet Harbour,

Where there is a lovely beach cafe that does very good crab sandwiches, but that's not what I had my heart set on....

...and no it wasn't dog biscuits either......

...but tea and gauche (gosh), delicious..

 ...and how about this for a view to go with it?
Beautiful and very chilled.
But just next to the tea garden is this

 there is a note attached 
B17 Flying Fortress
Believed to have been shot down by
occupying German Forces while returning 
from a raid on France
11th June 1944
Rest in Peace
Rather sobering thought with tea and gauche.

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