Monday, 8 December 2014

Bless you! Slight problem I didn't think of!

Last November I started a simple but big knitting project with some beautiful 
Rowan Angora Haze wool, on 3.25mm needles. 
The plan originally (as I had 10 balls of each colour) was to knit a big shawl/blanket to drape elegantly round me when I was at home stitching and cold.
But it some how ended up a little narrower.
Well after 12 months, its finished, and I personnally think its rather beautiful, 
but theres one problem I discovered while knitting it....

Angora makes me sneeze!

So after a little re think and some brain storming from my knitting group at Creasey's, 
I made it into a short poncho.  
So the fluff is not up round my nose like it was when wrapped round my neck.  
And I love it, its keeping me nice and toasty while I type.

1 comment:

  1. It's beautiful, well done! I love the action shot too :-) x