Thursday, 4 September 2014

A spread of blood red poppies

One of the reasons for heading on down the Queens Walk was to the view across the 
Thames to the Tower of London, to the most amazing art installation,
'Blood swept lands and seas of red'
(you can see it sweeping up over the wall.)

Crossed Tower Bridge, and there were hundreds of people being drawn to this amazing piece.
Its been created by Paul Cummins,
 and is a brilliant and poinient memorial to commemorate 100th anniversary of WWI,
each poppy,
 and there will be 888,246 by November 11th,
 represents a fallen British Commonwealth soldier

Each ceramic flower head is for sale for £25, profits going to 6 service charities.

I came looking for the Poppies and I wasn't disappointed. 
But what I wasnt expected as well were these amazing chicken wire sculptures by Kendra Heste, which will be at the Tower for 10 years (2011-2021)

Quite beautiful

Either of these fantastic installations is worth a trip to the Tower
(all visible from the road)

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