Tuesday, 6 May 2014

wow a sunny bank holiday!!!

What a beautiful Bank Holiday,
 OK I was working both the Saturday and most the Monday, but we were really busy with loads of lovely visitors.  So Sunday we really wanted to make the most of the weather and
 headed out to the cliffs after breakfast.
Passing through Market Square we came across this installation
 by Candy Chang and the Guernsey Arts Commission, 
'Before I die I want to.....' 
I do love interactive art pieces, I think its a fantastic way of introducing people to art in its many forms.  
This piece has happened in loads of places round the world Before I die

Ummmm I think I might have set my self a 40th birthday year challenge...
Think the mass Castle swim happens in August, am I up for this not sure, will keep you posted....
Chris wants his entry to stay secret, international man of mystery that he is!
It was fascinating to read them all, some were thought provoking, some were funny

and some were just sad

Right off to the cliffs!

Looking back at my bathing pools at high tide, and that castle (that is going to haunt me) in the back ground, actually looking at it, its propably further than I have ever swam in the sea. 

The Little Russel between Guernsey and Herm was heaving with boats including two cruise boats, this was the smaller of the two!  We are a very popular cruise boat stop, this year there are 107 booked in! Some are beautiful, but the really big ones look like floating sky scrappers to me, not my cup of tea

up to Clarence Battery

every where is looking so lush and green at the moment, I do love this time of year.

Stunning flowers on this tree in Fort George, feel I should know what it is, but cant remember and cant find my tree book, can any one help?

Then all hell broke loose, our lovely peaceful walk was disturbed by power boat racing!  The green one in the lead really needs to sort out its engine as it sounded very different to all the others.....

But it is fun to watch, I remember when I was a kid, 
Guernsey used to host the World Power Boat Championships,
 boat version of F1, it was amazing, there were power boat parades up and down the sea front, and as kids we were riding on top of these massive Class 1 boats throwing water bombs and sweets at the crowds!!!!
passed through Fermain, the sea wall is still looking like a gaping wound
but the cafe was preparing for a busy day, think they will be serving loads of seafood linguine!
looking back at the cruise and pleasure boats, the power boats have gone home now

an apple stop

then off on the last stretch to St Martins Point, and the last of the blue bells

but one last boat shot, the Wave Piercer arrived as well and
 that funny little one on the right is a tender for the cruise boats
Looks almost Mediterranean doesn't it?
St Martins Point carpeted in wild flowers, but it is a horridly steep climb to finish a walk on, ouch.

Feeling a bit knackered now, but you just have to look at your feet and climb

So so lush, so I think they will be here soon with the strimmers, it is a pity and it does look so bald when its done, but if they didn't the paths would just disappear!

Rewarded with a gorgeous crab sandwich at Hotel Jerbourg and a mild bit of sun burn...

waiting for the bus by what I think is a German gun emplacement, they pop up everywhere!  

our ride home, tired but satisfied, a good walk.

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