Sunday, 23 April 2017

every cloud

Those of you who know me, know to say I am clumsy is an understatement!  
Well a few weeks ago I surpassed even my self, we left the house to go and meet some old friend, 
and I managed to fall over my own feet (wearing flats) right out side the house......knee was a mess, 
but annoyingly so were my jeans.  And I live in my jeans, 
but I also value them as they are hard to find when you need 34 inch leg. 
So I was very very cross with my self. 
It was a brilliant night even with an ooozy bloody knee (sorry). 
And the next day I thought can I save my jeans. 
So I trimmed the hole, and raided my stash of denim.  I have never binned any old jeans,
 I have always though I could do something with them, maybe a large picnic blanket, 
(but I must have about twenty old pairs).
I found a good stripey piece from an old pair of M&S jeans, when I had worn them they made me feel like I was wearing pajamas!  But they were perfect for a star.
I cut the star a little larger so there was enough to turn under, 
it's then pinned over the hole and hand stitched it into place.
and ta-dah.
Really pleased with how it turned out, I think its really given these jeans a new lease of life.
Though when I am looking down it does look like a star fish has attached itself to my knee!
So every cloud does have a silver lining,
oh and knee has know healed so I am back in the sea swimming again, heaven.

Friday, 7 April 2017

watching Liberty

My watch seems to be suffering....

The actual watch bit is fine, but the strap has given up the ghost, now its a cheap watch but when I went to replace the strap it was going to cost £35 and be sent away. The watch only cost £70!
Thinking cap on.

So I made one!

Using some left over Liberty lawn with the strap long enough that I can tie it round my wrist.

I have stitched the strap, but might try doing it with tiny press studs then I can change my strap with my outfit and with the season.

ends need tucking in though...
Really pleased with how this has turned out, think I actually prefer it to the original.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Green house girls

This winter my friend Claire and I have made it our mission to walk all the Green Lanes in Guernsey and yesterday we headed down one towards the south coast that neither of us had done before.  In an island this small it is amazing how often that can happen!  Well this lane ran along side an old green house, now sadly there are alot of empty ones here, but that wasnt the case, but it did take us by surprise.

It was full of cows!  Neither of us had ever seen that before, but what a sensible idea, it would be toasty warm in there over winter, the cows had loads of space, and it was only a short walk down the grassy lane to the cliff top fields. Cow Heaven.

Thank you Claire for taking the photos on her phone as I had left mine in the car.
What is the strangest thing you have seen a green house being used for?  And you can have wedding reception - sorry!  That's what Chris and I did ;-)

Sunday, 19 March 2017

The squares are coming together......

 Well in January 2015 I started my use-it-up quilt
and now I have all sixteen squares of my quilt done, and so have started to sew them together in strips of four. And the first row is done.
 Now just need too do the other three, then sew them all together, then do the boarder, then the wadding and the backing.......
....then I will be finished!
Hopefully this wont take another two years????

Thursday, 16 March 2017

shell mirrors

Last week I was in the OGH as smart local hotel meeting a friend for coffee, oh and just a mention they do fabulous posh afternoon teas!  After wards I was wondering through the hotels and came across this amazing wall, I hadn't seen it before, I was impressed.
The mirrored wall was covered in beautiful Victorian Shell frames and pictures. I love this combination of antique and modern.
Had to go back and get a close up. Like them alot, they are up there with the glasss jelly fish

Saturday, 4 March 2017

March swim done, a pretty perfect morning!

Woke this morning to sunshine when the forecast had promised us rain. 
So it seemed criminal to stay inside. 
 By 9, we were out of the house and heading down to 
La Valette bathing pools, admiring the yacht race zipping past us.

There was a bigger swell than I expected and the tide was high,
 so the ladie's pool was not a choice, 
children's pool was calmer,
 but with the walls all under water, the waves were going in all directions!
So I took the right hand steps and tackled the art of walking into the water over pebbles and managing to look slightly elegant, actually an impossible task!
 But I was in,
 and I must say it was a good swim, not a long swim at all, 
but it made you feel alive, all your senses are awakened and that with the sunshine was brilliant.
So March swim is done, 
but I dont think that will be the only time this month, 
it is definitely starting to feel more pleasurable.....

.........even if the sea is still only 9 degrees celsius(48F)....

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The wild animals of Cardiff!

 We have just had a fantastic weekend in Wales catching up with Chris's brother which was lovely, quality family time, which was great.
We also got to explore Cardiff, city I had never spent time in before.  The castle is very impressive almost feels abit like a film set, well actually it has been a film set a few times,
 Dr Who, Game of Thrones etc.
But the thing that really wowed me was The Animal Wall that runs from the castle round the park.  Its so unusual, its beautiful.  
The wall was commissioned by the 3rd Marquess of Bute and the idea was put forward by the Victorian Architect William. But sadly he died before seeing it started.  It was the architect William Frame and sculptor Thomas Nicholls who finally brought the animals to life.
 There were nine animals originally which were completed in by 1892. 
These are easy to identify as they have glass eyes!

 Six more were added in the 1920s when the wall was extended, like this Beaver, 
and they dont have glass eyes!

Unusual, beautiful and surprising, I loved these, thank you Cardiff!!

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Sussex Pond Pudding

Sorry, ment to do this last weekend.
I had been reading a book on English food, and saw a Sussex Pond Pudding, 
now I had heard about this, but had never tasted it.  
The book said it was perfect for those who don't like their puddings too sweet.  And for once I had all the ingredients in the house. 
 The basic idea of this is a steamed suet pudding, with a filling of butter, sugar and......
two whole lemons! 
The suet pasty isnt sweetened, but the filled combine to form a gorgeous, sweet, sharp, buttery, lemony sauce that oozes into the pasty.
It is delicious,but dont serve it to a friend with a very sweet tooth, it wont be their cup of tea!
Also next time I will serve it with thick Guernsey cream.......

Saturday, 21 January 2017

January swim done!

 It was cold this morning, well cold for Guernsey!
 I know most off Europe is in the minus figures, but we are woses here and 1 degree feel really cold. But hay-ho, perfect weather for a swim.....

 ........and why is that you ask?  
Good question, well look at it, its a beautiful day, 
the wind has dropped and the sky is clear and the tide is low 
(no cold waves to splash you in the face like a wet fish)
 Lets just say it was bracing! 
Half a width and back, not much I know, 
but at this time of year all I am concerned about is getting in.
Chris was more impressive, nearly a whole length.
 Right January swim done, now for a hot shower and then off to find a fry up!
Well deserved I think.

Friday, 20 January 2017

nobody leaves silk(y) in the corner/drawer!

 Ok this is strange, but for some reason is my wool drawer I have had two and a bit skeins of pure silk (Debbie Bliss) sitting around for about ten years. 
Years ago I used it to make a narrow moss stitch scarf which was more of a tie, which I didn't really wear it, and a pair of finger-less gloves, which I use all the time.
 So it was decided that I needed to make a cowl/hood to go with the gloves.
I knitted it in ribs on a circular needle, as I wanted the it to be snug round the neck, to keep me warm.
Then I added stitches as I went down, so that went finished it would spread out over my shoulders. And ta-dah it is with my matching gloves, I do like the hood up, it feels rather 1950's to me.
 or you could have it as a very good disguise!
But practically after a walk on the blustery cliffs, this seems the best position. 
 As the wind stopped the hood staying up.   Maybe a few hair grips would help.....