Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Dior darling deux

Following on from Dior Darling
After the amazing toiles and Dior ladies, you once again plunge in to the darkness....

.....only to emerge in the most amazing double, poss triple height ball room(?)
With what can only be described as a wedding cake of Dior looming over you,
it really does take your breath away.

the dress once again are amazing and I am running out of adjectives.

This one below is definitely one of my favourites, and one of the very early pieces, I remember seeing it in my Fashion History books when I was doing A-Level Textiles. Exquisite

And off course we all know this one, the launch of the New Look after WW2, which kick started the French Textile/Fashion industry, because of all the fabric in the skirt.  But the women in Britain had to wait quite a few more years for the end of rationing and Utility Wear before they could enjoy such glamour.  That is unless they had the money to nip over to Paris.....

Saturday, 14 October 2017

isles of the very old dolphin

Very quick update!
Back in 2013 I did a post on chapelle dom hue
Well this year there was a archaeological dig on the islet,
to try and understand it a little more about its history  
But it produced more questions than answers, the main one being
Answers on a postcard please!

Monday, 9 October 2017

Dior darling

Back from Paris at the beginning of last week, I do love that city!
And I was able to go and see the Christian Dior Retrospective in a wing of the Louvre.
Definitely recommend getting tickets before,
as you just walk right in rather than queuing for nearly an hour! 
Its very popular, even on a Thursday afternoon, it was heaving and hot, but the cloths are to die for.  You start in dark galleries the clothes spot lighted, all sultry and glamourous. Then you burst in to the light, and these beautiful white rooms with ceiling covered in cascading white paper wisteria, stunning.  And perfect for the more summery garden party style of dresses.

Then you cross the triple height fall way and up another flight of stairs and in to this amazing room

Full of toiles (early dress samples).
The displays in this exhibition are the best I have ever seen.

There were two ladies in a little alcove, they were from the Dior workshop, but not sure if they were dress makers or pattern cutters? It was the only part not well signed and the only part that I wanted signs! But sadly I was not brave enough with my French to ask...

But I was up for asking about the sample of embroidery and yes they do outsource to Lesage !

In the dark section you couldn't use your flash,
so I felt it was a good excuse to practice my sketching.

Very enjoyable.
If you are in Paris I definitely recommend going to see this exhibition, but do pre book!
More photos in part deux

Saturday, 16 September 2017

sweetie beadie!

Just a sneekie peek at what I am working on....

Is it shallow to say these make me very happy......

something about the colour and texture, love running my hands through them
think they are a cross between sea urchins and liquorish Allsorts!
More info on what I am making them for to follow....

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

suffolk Puffs

Last year I was in Canterbury with my sister and picked up this little gismo. It calls its self a yo-yo maker but in Britain we all know that they are called Suffolk Puffs and are traditionally used for making beautiful quilts out of tiny remnants of fabric. 

But these days people are beginning to think out side the box with them, producing all sorts of things from art work to coats out of them.

A few years ago when we were just north of Paris
I brought a beautiful half scarf, half necklace thing.....scarlace....neckarf....nef....
What ever, its gorgeous and so easy to wear.
So a cousin of that would be my plan.

Made loads of colourful little puffs, but true to form I went back to my favourite classic combination, Blue and White, well you really cant go wrong with that can you?

Must say I am rather pleased with how it came out, and have worn it loads this summer, maybe I now need to do a winter version, all plums and navies......ideas, ideas, ideas

Thursday, 31 August 2017

a war time balcony

Sunday was a beautiful day, and I had it off!
The sea was flat calm and so we had to get out in the kayak.
As we came round Clarence Battery I noticed that the back entrance to the old German tunnel was looking very different.  It had been tarted up and definitely has what looked like a table chairs on a balcony, interesting...

Got in abit closer nd yes definitely a rather nice coffee spot. 
The Guernsey Aquarium is on the other side of the headland in the same net work of tunnels and it has recently had a revamp, wonder if it is anything to do with that?

So in very different weather on Wednesday I went to have a look, and yes you follow the U-boat signs over the shark tank
Sorry its blurry, taken quickly...
and you pop out on to this gorgeous little viewing platform
okay I know its not looking its best in that dreadful weather, but on a sunny day I think it would be great.  They haven't got space for a cafĂ© out there, but in the shop there are vending machines.

Lovely to see the Aquarium really busy,
and love the way they have really tapped into the locations war time roots,
submarines in the fish tanks etc!

one more sunny photo from Sunday, do hope we get this weather back,
fingers crossed for an Indian summer

Thursday, 24 August 2017

swimming over piers

A beautiful day on Tuesday, so super on the beach (Rocquaine) and a high evening tide,
made for perfection.
But first Chris suggested swimming out to the pole
Now I know I can be abit slow, but didn't realise it was the pole at the end of the pier that we often swim from till I was holding on to it and looked down.....

.....it is a bit weird swimming over something you often walk along...

Beautiful swim though, a lovely temperature 17 degrees. 
I know a lot of people don't agree with me, but I find swimming in warm water really weird, if not unpleasant.  The sea should be refreshing, not like swimming in someone else's bath water!!!!!!

Then back to beach for chicken tagine and trying to keep the sand hoppers out the couscous!!!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Castle swim, a family affair

Well the Castle Swim is getting to be a regular thing now for me!
And this year my cousin Lorna joined me and her daughter Clare, first time long distant (ish) swim for both of them. So we had to celebrate afterwards, did try using our medals to get a discount on the bubbles, but no joy.....
We approached it as a challenge not a race, slow and steady, breast stroke all the way with the odd rest floating, think its 500 metres which is about 40 lengths.  We all felt that the first two thirds were fine then the last third was a push.  But we all did it, and arrived together.
Tempted to wear my medal to work today but restrained myself......

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

quilt update

Quick update.
Well you might remember back in 2015 I started to tackle my fabric stash.
And for my first attempt at patchwork I thought I would go for a massive quilt!
Well two and a bit years later the patches are all sewn together, its no where near finished, it needs a boarder, wadding, backing and quilting.  But really pleased so far.
Might need to change the curtains though......

Friday, 21 July 2017

the power of flowers

As you walk down through the winding streets of St Peter Port, you really become aware of the beautiful voluptuous hanging baskets that are every where.
Well this summer I have noticed another by-product of all this floral splenda.
They are self seeding!!!!
In the top half of Mansel Street there are violets popping out of the cracks in the pavement

and these surfina are everywhere

I love them, it shows just how tough flowers are.
So please mister road cleaner - weeding guy, leave them be so we can carry on enjoying our very
un-hanging baskets!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

floorboard envy!

At the beginning of July we were up near Oxford for a wedding and had a bit of spare time to do some exploring in-between all the eating, drinking and dancing (go Jonathan!).
Its stunning country side, with the Chilton hill as a back drop, and lots of idyllic villages.
I think our favourite was Long Crendon, beautiful thatched cottages, lots of wattle and daub, and hollyhocks every where!  Most importantly for me it had the feeling of a proper community,
a post office, butchers, florist, tea shop, pubs etc. 
Definitely not a dormitory village.

But the highlight for me was finding the Courthouse,
they think it dates from the fourteenth century,
and it was purchased in 1900 for £400 by the National Trust,
making it one of the first buildings in their care. 
The upstairs, the old court room is open on selective days, and we were lucky.

There is a lovely local history exhibition, but what got me were the floor boards, they were stunning!

The shapes of the boards were all uneven, you could almost, see the shape of the trees they had come from, and the soft silky sheen to them, from thousands of feet over hundreds of years, I wanted to take off my shoes to feel them properly, but politeness prevailed.  These boards had character, life, beauty, every thing that their laminated distant cousins in my kitchen lack, I want those boards!!!!

Monday, 10 July 2017

anticipating a glorious glut!

Sorry for the pause in posting, its been a hectic few weeks, weddings, birthdays, funerals....
But I am here!
The other thing that has kept me from the computer has been the garden, Chris has been very busy on the terrace second from the top.  It was a patio with currant bushes down one side and rhubarb and apples down the other, slowly over the years we have been lifting the odd paving stone to make a veg bed.  Well this year we have gone #@$?!! it and we have lifted the lot! 
I say we, I should in all honesty say he, as my role was more supervisory.....
The whole terrace is now dedicated to veg,
we have four raised beds with bark chipping paths in between.
And vegetables coming out of our ears!  
Golden and candie striped beets, striped and globe courgettes, kalettes,
spinach beets, chard, lettuce, two types of pumkin, rocket, herb,
beans, peas, broad beans and borlottis.
Not to mention the soft fruit...




broad beans

The toms in the hanging basket at the other end of the garden aren't doing badly either,
this year we have planted Tumblers (at the front of the photo) and Tumbling Toms,
the TTs are definitely better, as they are still flowering, so will have a longer crop.

Well my shopping bill has shrunk
and our consumption of veg dishes has risen,
we are getting very imaginative, green pancakes - using pureed beet leaves in the batter last week, and last night courgette and feta fritters, yum! 
But it doesn't look like we are the only ones enjoying feasting in the garden!!!!!