Friday, 15 December 2017

Christmas Guernsey part 2

As I said last year I am not a fan of Christmas jumpers,  
but there is still Christmas Jumper Day and  Chris cant be the only one in his office not wearing one!
So this year I got my hands on his blue and red White Stuff jumper.

and I attacked it with jingle bells.  They will be able to know exactly where he is!
Happy Chris?

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

my life is in sketchbooks

 Every few years I come to a big moment, a new sketchbook!  
This one above is now full and it was started in 2012. 
For me a sketch book is more of an ideas book. Its where I jot down ideas, make notes, stick in articles and photos that I like and of course some sketching!  Its a way I can look back at ideas and memories and maybe draw from them in the future.
 This is my sketch book before last, the cover was a piece of embroidery I had done when I had broken my ankle and was stuck on the sofa for a few weeks!
 But this was my first ornately covered sketch book,
 before my books, were covered but just in simple fabric or leather.
 A few page from my last sketch book
 showing sketching, image and ideas...
 ....some pages are better than others, but its about a record, a record of thoughts and inspirations.
This is my new sketch book and as you see I am definitely carrying on with embellished covers, which make me happy!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017


 Last month I learnt a new skill,
icing gingerbread!
I had first seen lace-like icing (see above) when we were in Colmar back in 2012.
So when i was given a chance to have a go, I jumped at the chance, and I must say I am hooked.
These are my attempts below, need more practice, but I must say I am pleased with my first attempted.  And I must say I never knew trucks, helicopters, diggers and planes could be Christmasy! 

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

ta da! I am announcing my new shop!!!!

Sorry I have been rather quiet, 
firstly, typically once the Tapestry closed for the season I got every bug going, 
two bad colds in a month, not impressed....
But this technophobe has also been getting her head round opening an Etsy shop, and ta da, I can now welcome you to Caro and the gulls shop!  So far I have got some cards and necklaces on it, but I will be adding more regularly.  One thing if you are buying from Guernsey please contact me directly as I am struggling with adding Guernsey postage costs, did it once, and cant remember what I did.......

Hope you like it and look forward to your feed back

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

oooh these are making me so happy!

Back in April I shared with you a necklace I made.
 I loved it and it seemed to get very positive feed back. 
So over the summer I have been practicing, and I now feel ready!
So on Friday I will be having a stall at The Cancer Research Christmas Coffee Morning
it is at Les Cotils this Friday from 10 till 1.  
Entrance is £6 including coffee and biscuits.
It would be great to see you there and show you my beads, 
prices start at £25 so are perfect Christmas present, hint hint!

I am looking at selling them on-line, but one step at a time....

These are making me so happy, hope you enjoy them too ;-)